Inside the corporation

Noam Chomsky describes the corporation as, “One of the most tyrannical systems that humans have ever devised.” Our working and private lives are dominated by them. So where are the novels that explore their malevolence?

Well mine is currently with a few publishers. It’s called Mr Livchild. Set in near-future London, it follows the rise and fall of Joe Nurbardy – a nobody desperate to be a somebody. Joe thought a corporation would give his life meaning. Instead it crushed him like an aphid pinched in a pair of pliers.

The novel is a Pandora’s jar of revelations about corporations, the transformation of Western society into a corpocracy and the lies we tell each other. (And, yes, Pandora’s box was originally a jar!)

Will Mr Livchild get published? Probably not. Because it’s not mainstream. But I’m proud of it. If it doesn’t get offered publication within a year, I’ll make it available on Smashwords.