Welcome to the website of author Alex Burrett.

I’ve written two collections of short fiction (My Goat Ate Its Own Legs & A damaged boy), four novels (The Titans,  Outstared by a Bullfrog, Mr Livchild and Welsh Psycho), a 2015 short story/poetry compilation (The Year My Tears Failed), a collection of poetry (Fedw) and a social manifesto (Rewarding Behaviour).

Over 2022-23, I wrote 54 sonnets exploring facets of love. These are collected as an ebook or print book from Amazon.

My three longer novels can also be purchased in print from Amazon: Outstared by a Bullfrog, Mr Livchild, Welsh Psycho.

Find out more about me from my autobiography – and about my writing by reading my bibliography.

On this site you can also buy a paperback UK edition of My Goat Ate Its Own Legs, read a sample short story, read a sample poem, find links to reviews of my work (good and bad), discover where to buy my ebooks and see some of the collaborative work I’ve done with other artists.

Oh, and I make a bit of cash now and again in the world of advertising. Let me know if you’re after my copywriting or radio advertising services.

Thanks for your interest in my writing. Do contact me through this site if you have any questions.

Alex Burrett.