A damaged boy

cropped-A-damaged-boy-250-wide.jpgA second collection of short fiction from 5* rated writer Alex Burrett – author of ‘My Goat Ate Its Own Legs’. Three years of original thoughts, worlds and characters crammed into one ebook. An egg-eating snake made to feel unwelcome, a promise “never to love anyone ever again” tested to the extreme, a Welsh village where everyone is knighted, and goose with a very fat head. (To name but a few.)

I have withdrawn this book from sale to pursue publication of these short stories. If you’ve read My Goat Ate Its Own Legs, find 5 free short stories by me in The Year My Tears Failed, read my free novels The Titans and Mr Livchild, or buy the very reasonably priced Outstared by a Bullfrog (novel) or Gothic Reflections (Novella). 

2 thoughts on “A damaged boy

  1. Alexa

    Is there any chance i could read this story online without paying or having to have an email. I would like to try and change it into a play script. So i could maybe try the play with a few friends in school. Or in book club also i school.

    1. admin Post author

      Hello Alexa. Thanks for getting in touch. But A damaged boy is a collection of short stories. And the nature of the tales and the writing style suits older readers – so I wouldn’t recommend it for a school book club.


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