‘My Goat Ate Its Own Legs’, a collection of 30 short tales, was published in the UK in 2008 by Beautiful Books. In 2009 it was published in the US and Canada by Harper Perennial. In 2015 it was published in translation in France by Aux Forges de Vulcain. It is available worldwide as an e-book – and in print from Amazon or this website.

I e-published my follow-up collection of short fiction ‘A Damaged Boy’ in April 2012. You can purchase it from all major e-book retailers and in multiple formats from Smashwords.

In December 2012, I e-published my second novel ‘Outstared by a Bullfrog’. This is now also available in all formats from all leading e-book retailers.

I wrote my first novel ‘The Titans’ in 1991 and sent it to four publishers. Three declined but the fourth (an international publishing house) showed great interest. After consideration, they asked for changes. Young and idealistic, I refused. Six months later they approached me again – with the same request. Not much older and equally idealistic, I again refused. Twenty-two years later, e-publishing gave me the opportunity to release ‘The Titans’ in its original form. This free ebook has been downloaded in over 50 countries from Smashwords, Feedbooks and many other e-retailers.

My poetry collection ‘Fedw’ is also available as a free e-book.

I have also written a stage play called ‘The Queen’s Last Job’ and a TV drama called ‘The Celt’.

I work as a commercial copywriter and live in Wiltshire. Family life (which I revel in) and work keep me occupied. I am writing short stories and poems in 2015 and plan to write a gothic horror novella when I get the time. I also have a couple more novels I yearn to write. I haven’t written a novel for four years and I’ve got plenty of new things to say.

2 thoughts on “Bibliography

  1. Patricia Barbe-Girault

    Hi Alex,
    I’m your French translator of ‘La Chèvre s’est mangé les pattes’. Sorry I didn’t get in touch earlier, especially as I could have used some help here and there in the translation, but I got caught and kind of enthralled in your words, and I slaved away at it during the whole summer, as if I MUST find all the keys to your writing by myself. I think I wanted to.

    It was quite an experience, let me tell you. And I enjoyed it thoroughly. I do hope you like it, as you understand French if I’m not mistaken. And I do hope I get the chance to meet you some day.


    1. admin Post author

      Hi Patricia,
      Thank you for your kind words about my writing. I’m glad you enjoyed the experience of translating goat/chèvre.
      I wish my French was good enough to enjoy your translation. I can order beer, wine and moules marinière – and, back in the day, tell French belles that I love them – but that’s about it.
      I don’t think you’re in Paris – but if you are on Saturday 13 Dec – come and join us in the morning at Forges.
      Otherwise, I hope to meet you some other time. The rosé is on me.


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