Axel is Free

Nearly 30 years ago, whilst stationed at the Maze Prison with the British Army, I spent the evenings alone writing a novel rather than drinking Côtes du Rhône in the officers’ mess.

Despite interest on completion from an international publisher, The Titans was not published until I made it available as a free ebook. (The publisher wanted changes. I was young and arrogant. I refused.)

This year, whilst completing an MA in Creative Writing at Bath Spa University, I have written a sequel to The Titans. It is called ‘Axel is Free’.

In this new novel, the protagonist Axel Williams tries to carve out a new life after spending twenty years in detention. He blames his crime on the insidious influence of others – so buys a derelict home in the Brecon Beacons that he plans to restore, then live in as a hermit.

The first 2,000 words of this novel will appear in the Bath Spa Creative Writing MA anthology, in print and online, in May 2020.

UPDATE: I renamed this novel Welsh Psycho to project a clearer impression of the tone of the novel.