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I grew up in South Wales near Wordsworth’s Tintern Abbey. And I’ve been writing creative material since single figures – since building dens under trees Wordsworth reposed beneath. (Saying that, don’t most of us write creative material when we’re in single figures?)

‘The Titans’ is my first novel. Written in 1991, I published it as an ebook in 2013. It’s free to download from most sites.

‘My Goat Ate Its Own Legs’ is a collection of short stories. It was published in the UK in 2008, US in 2009 and [hopefully] will appear in translation in France in 2014.

‘Fedw’ is a collection of poems scrawled in blood and tears in a tatty notebook over 25 years. It is now available as an ebook. For free.

‘A damaged boy’ is my second collection of short fiction. It contains two novellas: ‘Liftless’ and ‘The Great Unloved’.

‘Outstared by a Bullfrog’ is my second novel. It’s triply. And edgy.

Please post a review of any of by work. Good or bad – I would love to know what you think.


Alex Burrett

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