I’m going to e-publish my 1991 novel ‘The Titans’

In 1991, whilst based with the British Army in Northern Ireland, I wrote a novel. ‘The Titans’. I sent it to four international publishers. Three declined it – one without so much as a word in response.

The Deputy Editor at the fourth wrote to me. ‘The Titans’ was the best thing she’d read in some time. All she needed to do, was get her editor to read it on his return from New York – and she’d be in touch to discuss things further.

I waited.

Eventually she wrote a second letter. Her editor felt changes were needed. Was I willing?

I wasn’t. I wrote back. (Pre-email era).

Six months later she wrote again. ‘The Titans’ remained one of the strongest works she’d read in some time. Would I reconsider? She included her number and asked me to call.

I called. We had a pleasant conversation. I can only recall one detail – I sounded normal, she told me she had expected someone mildly psychopathic.

‘The Titans’ has squatted on floppy discs, CD-ROMs, printouts and computer hard drives from that day to this. No longer. The protagonist, Axel Williams, will have his freedom. (I just need to proofread the novel first – the cover design is already complete.)

I’ll update when it’s ready.

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